The Great Moshi Treasure Hunt Cheats

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The Pirate Takeover Moshi Monsters island, now they have released the Moshi Treasure Hunt Finale that starting from 5th June 2013 until 1 week (11th June), a new part will out everyday. Let’s play to complete mission ASAP, so you get each reward. I think it’s like the scavenger hunt! what do you think?

The Great Moshi Treasure Hunt Cheats

Part 1 – DAY 1 – June 5th

  1. Open your map, go to Main Street then talk to the Captain Codswallop
  2. After talking to the Captain, talk to McScruff at the left end of screen
  3. After talking to McScruff, talk again with Captain Codswallop on the right side
  4.  Congrats! you just completed first mission, collect a reward ‘Ghoulie Galleon – Stan’

Ghoulie Galleon - Stan

Part 2 – DAY 2 – June 6th

  1. Hey young monster! go to Bleurgh Beach and talk to Captain Codswallop
  2. It’s time you learnt the most important skill for any pirate… The deck of the Gooey Galleon needs swabbing! A mystery Moshling left slimy smears all over it!
  3. Ok, Clean the deck by Poop Deck Panic!
  4. If done. talk to Captain Codswallop and get a reward ‘Ghoulie Galleon – Keel’

Ghoulie Galleon - Keel

Part 3 – DAY 3– June 7th

  1. Talk to McScruff at Sludge Street
  2. Pick up 20 Ship’s Biscuits in 60 seconds only!
  3. If done, talk again to McScruff and collect reward ‘Ghoulie Galleon – Hull’

Ghoulie Galleon - Hull

Part 4 – DAY 4– June 8th

  1. Open Map then go to Goosebump Manor, talk to Mr Mushy Peas
  2. Find the Mr Mushy Peas sword at Goosebump Manor. The cheat: look at behind the table with bowl of candies.
  3. Give it to Mr Mushy Peas
  4. Congrats! you got reward ‘Ghoulie Galleon – Gangway’

Ghoulie Galleon - Gangway

Part 5 – DAY 5– June 9th

coming soon!

Part 6 – DAY 6– June 10th

coming soon!

Part 7 – DAY 7– June 11th

coming soon!

In the final part you will get a new moshling Sweeney Blob, from the Sploshies/Sploshlings.

Sweeney Blob Moshling Info

I think in this month you have more brand new moshlings inside your zoo!

Sweeney Blob in Moshling Zoo

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