Space Conquest 3D MOD APK 1.33 (Mod Money)

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space-conquest-3d-1It is the year 2171, our solar system has been invaded and is being fully controlledby an alien race from Gliese 176 solar system which is 30.7 light years away. You’re one of the few survivors, and your mission is to reconquer each and every one of the planets and moons in our system. Additionally, many humans have been kidnapped by the invaders and taken to their planet Gliese 176 b. You must rescue as many human beings as possible and bring them back to Earth.
Action and adventure are the words that best define the game Space Conquest 3D. A mixture of fact and fiction with recreated planets taking into account several documentals as a reference. Planet orbits are an approximation based on Kepler’s laws and NASA orbital parameters to provide even more realism. Several enemies, creatures and scenarios will make your way through the game, an unforgettable experience. The survival of the human race is in your hands… Will you be able to do it? Star wars begins…

The game contains:

– The Sun

– Mercury

– Venus

– Earth
– Moon

– Mars

– Jupiter
– Europa (Optional)

– Saturn
– Titan (Optional)
– Enceladus (Optional)

– Uranus
– Neptune

– Asteroid Belt
– Nebulas
– Wormhole
– Gliese 176 solar system

You’ll be able to obtain weapons, spaceships and lives. Motion controls or joystick device. Changing views and radar.

Name of Game: Space Conquest 3D

Name of cheat:

Space Conquest 3D MOD APK 1.33 (Mod Money)

Manual Step:
1. Install APK
2. Play

Download the OBB file/SD file. They should be .zip or .rar files.
Extract the file to your sdcard.
Move the extracted folder to the location: /sdcard/Android/obb

space-conquest-3d-2 space-conquest-3d-3 space-conquest-3d-4

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Download Modded APK: [59,78 Mb]

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