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There are 6 monsters in the game, each account only allowed to adopt one of moshi monsters names. They are all cute and has a characteristic of each.

1. Poppet

Moshi Monsters Poppet

Poppets is pink and the 2nd popular monster. They are very shy, cute with their boots. Members able to change the colours of their boots, eyes and fur in Colorama shop at The Port.

TIP: Feed Poppets with Mice Crispies then you have happiness full.

2. Diavlos

Moshi Monsters Diavlos

There are not evil. Try to tickle them then they will roll on the floor, laughing and giggling. But don’t annoy them to avoid resist you. Diavlo are one of the 2 monsters to float after Luvlis. Once you got level up, they moonwalk!!!

I like the sneakers without fastening, so do you?

3. Zommers

Moshi Monsters Zommers

Zommer’s name adopted by their form “Zombie” which speaking in Zommeranian (but also sometimes speak and sing in English), Many boys adopt this monster, probably because of their scary appearance. What do you think?

Another reason why if some people do not adopt Zommers is that they have all different parts stitched to them (Such as the ladie’s arm) and drool dripping from their mouth, making them appear traditionally unnapealing.

4. Katsumas

Moshi Monsters Katsuma

Katsumas is the cat monster, their default color is yellow with orange strips. They commonly speak Katsumanese. Like commonly cat,  they cross their arms and shout and will scratch if you annoy one a little bit too much.. should not make they angry!

5. Furis

Furis are fully hairy monsters with big cupped hands so able to pick up the heavy items for you ,  the form adopted from mythical creature ‘Yeti’. You can easily found Furi around the Lush Lagoon, they play and washing their massive stinky feet in the muddy water.

Moshi Monsters Furi

6. Luvlis

Moshi Monsters Luvli

Luvlis most adopted by the girls and shaped like cherries. They can use their stalks as a magic wand on their head but they rarely do.

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