Monster Super League MOD APK 0.9.320804 (x5 Damage & Defense)

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Test your skills by challenging the world! Enjoy PVP mode in Astromon League. Combat is not the only way to become stronger! Chat and exchange presents with your friends!

“Check out the benefits from Google Play’s Flash Deal right now! – [ ‘Holy Gleem Package’, offering an additional 50% worth of items]”
– Holy Gleem Package: 1 Holy Gleem + 2 Light / Dark Egg Astrogems + 600 + 100 + 100 000 Gold Energies
The virtue ▷▷▷▷▷ Game ◁◁◁◁◁
# Characters Astromon funny and interesting!
Cute animal characters, human characters are pretty and cool, human evolution as a character mysteriously combined!
More than 550 types of Astromon waiting for you to play at Monster Super League!

# Capture your Astromon!
You can catch a direct Astromon-mu in Monster Super League!
Catch Astromon you like and the evolution!

# Appearance change if evolved!
Astromon will become stronger and its appearance will change if evolve!
Plus, the whole Astromon can in evolution until 6 stars!
Evolusikan Astromon-mu in a unique way!

# Combine Astromon in full battle strategy!
Astromon the same though, can have attributes and play a different way
Astromon good team shape in each area and the different situations
Fight enemies with the best team!

# Playing with Astromon in airship-mu!
Relax with Astromon that you catch in your own airship-!
Do not be surprised, sometimes there will be Astromon visiting airship-mu!

# Playing with friends!
Play and chat with friends, and also exchange gifts
Or tell stories about Astromon-mu with friends!

# Strengthening Astromon in many ways!
In addition to fighting, Astromon can grow stronger with jewels and fruit
The rapid growth of fruit and grow stronger with gems

# Enjoy a wide variety of exciting content at Monster Super League!
8 unique story in each region are different!
Dungeon different challenges every day and get more exciting prizes!
Fight against the other Astromon Astromon League!
Begin to fight various monsters Super League now!

# Approval to access the game (If you do not agree, the game can not be used)
1) To install the game on an external memory access required approval

▷ Facebook Monster Super League:
Visit the official forum Monster Super League, get the latest info and join various exciting events!

Name of Game: Monster Super League
VERSION: 0.9.320804

Name of cheat:

Monster Super League MOD APK 0.9.320804 (x5 Damage & Defense)

Manual Step:
1. Install APK
2. Play

Download the OBB file/SD file. They should be .zip or .rar files.
Extract the file to your sdcard.
Move the extracted folder to the location: /sdcard/Android/obb

Google Play

Download Modded APK:
Monster Super League_v0.9.320804_mod.Apk

Download Modded APK In Russian Server [Mirror]:
Click Here

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