How to get Sweeney Blob Moshling

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Brand new moshling on moshi monsters has been out. It is Sweeney Blob #46 the Splodgy Sucker is a common Moshling from Sploshies set that you can find also in the sixth series of Moshling figures.

Sweeney Blob Moshling on Moshi Monsters

To get Sweeney Blob very easy just complete the final part of “Great Moshi Treasure Hunt” (members only)

But if you are not yet members, you can still get him using the seed flower combination:
Any Hot Silly Pepper + Any Dragon Fruit + Any Moon Orchid

Here is tutorial video from my friend moshimonsters2009fire15:



Fling open the curtains, quick! These gloopy critters just love suctioning themselves to windows and listening in on the citizens of Monstro City. How rude! The only way to get rid of a Splodgy Sucker is to flush the loo because rumors have it they were once used as toliet plungers and hate that gurgling noise to this day.


Eavesdropping and licking drainpipes


Toilet bowls and air freshener


Usually glooped to windows but Splodgy Suckers also like hanging out under the pier at Breadcrumb Bay.

On Moshi Monsters Magazine I’ve seen Sweeney Blob on a beach poster with other Moshlings such as Hoolio and Marcel.

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