How To Get Dustbin Beaver Moshling

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Dustbin Beaver Moshling #104 the Moptop Tweenybop is parody of Justin Beaver . In Moshi Monsters he is an exclusive moshling which you need to subscribe to the Moshi Magazine website at and you will get 1 unique code will arrive via your email.

Plant a secret seed Trashy Tulip with two any other seeds in your Moshling Garden, and wait about 6 hours then Dustbin Beaver will be attracted and able to keep to your Moshling Zoo.

Dustbin Beaver in Moshling Garden

Dustbin Beaver Insider Info


Living in a dustbin is pretty weird but this hair-obsessed heart-throb would be mobbed if he left the safety of his rubbishy pad. Not by screaming fans (or ‘Beleavers’) but by neighbours sick of Dustbin’s high pitched warbling.


Licking bowls and blunt scissors


Garbage day and homework


Dustbin was born in Brash Can Alley but usually hangs out with his Beleavers these days.

Dustbin Beaver hasĀ  blonde hair and stays in his trash can, but if you see his poster he looks different about hair colour, I think the images below will explain more..

Dustbin Beaver Poster

Dustbin Beaver Moshling #104

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