Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D MOD APK 1.1 (Mod Money/Unlocked)

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cube-subway-train-simulator-3d-1Do you like trains and railway? Take up your driving skill to a new level playing this unusual subway simulator in 3D! Explore underground of strange cubical world – cute and odd place, full of the different abnormal feat like a flows of lava or mushroom groves! Transport passengers waiting for you on the station, deliver cattle and start your own underground adventure! Maneuver through tunnels with dangerous stretches as a real train driver, avoid accidents with cube goats or pigs and enjoy Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D game!
Dive into the atmosphere of a funny cubic subway (crowded with funny cubical passengers, of course!) working as a machinist in World of Cubes! Try Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D and start your career as a subway driver! Passengers are usually in hurry carrying their heavy cargo, but they are not the only ones who should be delivered! This time your duties include transporting of pixel cattle – pigs, goats and so on! Special platform is a part of your train, so you can easily take animals on board!

Earn points transporting cubic passengers and pixel animals, buy new transporting platforms, wagons or even train itself! Improve your train with cubical engineer’s innovations– more space for cargo, comfortable seats for passengers, powerful engines and ever more!

Explore subway tunnels, stop at each metro station to pick up and transport passengers! And don’t forget to open train doors to let passengers in! Be careful – cubical animal can sleep on rails, so you should scare them with loud signal to avoid accidents! Use all your driving skills to become the best machinist in the World of Cubes!
Practice in driving with Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D – amazing train simulator for those who loves metro and railway games!

Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D features:
Unusual subway train simulator in 3D – be a cubical driver in a cubical world
Abnormal underground tunnels and lines – from fairy forest to grim medieval dungeon
Detailed cabin for a machinist – and, of course, it’s wholly made of cubes too
Wide range of train upgrades – try to unlock and check all of it
Imprudent but funny cubical animals – transport it on special platform and try not smash it at wilderness
Smooth and easy controls

Do you like driving simulators, railway and metro games? Download Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D right now! Be a cubical train driver in a cubical world, transport passengers and cattle and have fun!

Name of Game: Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D

Name of cheat:

Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D MOD APK 1.1 (Mod Money/Unlocked)

Manual Step:
1. Install APK
2. Play

Download the OBB file/SD file. They should be .zip or .rar files.
Extract the file to your sdcard.
Move the extracted folder to the location: /sdcard/Android/obb

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Download Modded APK: [51,66 Mb]

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