Cube Skyland: Farm Craft MOD APK 1.1.238a (Mod Money)

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Mine the meteorite fell from the sky along with other villagers and friends.
Combine cubes of fractions obtained through excavation.
Expanding your farm in a unique form with every single cube and noble
SHAPING your estate according to the height of land.
EXPLORING Skyland, ancient holy prison for Giant.
SAVE A cube of soil exotic animals, take them home to your house to get more profit.
TRADE with farmers around the world sky.

The story begins in a distant land above the sky – called Skyland. Where giant-giant locked up because of their crimes, the ones we do not ketahu again. But one day, the trees grow too tall beanstalk, until this holy prison torn. The road down to the land of peace that has us once again opened. In quick succession, Giant-Giant stormed into the earth, bringing with them nothing but havoc. The beautiful woods and villages were quiet all terhancur thanks to their destruction.

There is no other safe place. Jack planted Magic Beans are still kept him to save everyone. Guess what they see? Skyland, now has torn into millions Skyshards. This brings new hope for immigrants from the earth. And now, a new story will begin!

AGRICULTURE MASIF Multiplayer Online:
There is no sense of loneliness again! Living with 7 girls / guys another in the same village. See the player next to you take care of budidadya land that had them in real time. Searching for Meteorites and dig to rebuild Skyland alongside other players. Visiting Red Riding Hood and other friends to help take care of the plantation had them. If all can live well together, villagers who had cultivated lands you will be the most impressive in the world.

Fear becomes shallow among other players? Build your own cultivation area has premises cubes floating on the sky Cube Skyland. Make the letters, shapes, and things were amazing with hundreds of types of cubes. Declare yourself with creativity without limitation.

Unlike other farming games, to harvest the crop only takes some skill. Do it fast and you can get more results. You even have to rearrange the fields so that it suits your skills.
Like a sugar cube? Plants, Corn, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes … formed into a cube that looks so cute and sweet.
Hard to be a gem, but not here. Harvesting with lightning speed to get gems.

There is no longer stalls or stables! The animals roam freely everywhere they like. But beware! They can be lost as well!

Looking on to the rolls are hidden around your home, because it is the investigations that can help you quickly improve the level.
Several investigations rather difficult to reach, you should use the cubes had to make way you connect to it.

Minor gods: the god of the land and fertility. But the rock is converted into a sand dune under beliungnya.
Deft gods: metallurgist is famous in the sky, which could turn stone and metal into the equipment most refined and powerful as well. He does not like music.
Green Giant: the only giant simple and so tender until he can be friends with the rabbit. Always hungry, it was her secret.
Mother Ator: All the Giants were his children. He is a leader and peacekeepers. After he died, Giant-Giant began to be fierce and immersed in chaos.

Name of Game: Cube Skyland: Farm Craft
VERSION: 1.1.238a

Name of cheat:

Cube Skyland: Farm Craft MOD APK 1.1.238a (Mod Money)

Manual Step:
1. Install APK
2. Play

Download the OBB file/SD file. They should be .zip or .rar files.
Extract the file to your sdcard.
Move the extracted folder to the location: /sdcard/Android/obb

cube-skyland-farm-craft2 cube-skyland-farm-craft3 cube-skyland-farm-craft4

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Download Modded APK: [82,46 Mb]

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