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Buster Bumblechops is a guy behind Monstro City. As a moshling expert and collector, he is know everything about moshlings secrets. Buster commonly posts in the Daily Growl talk about a specific moshling. Now, you can buy his book titled “The Moshling Collector’s Guide” at nearest department store in the UK or at Mind Candy shop store.moshimonsters.com

Buster Bumblechops

I have got answers from my question ‘Hi Buster ho do I get Roxy and Blingo Moshling?’ You can ask him too..

Some people think that we could contact him by his email buster@moshimonsters.com is it true? just try it, you will know!

I prefer also you read another book called Buster’s Lost Moshlings. In this book as an example you must find certain characters like where is Waldo/Wally? Trust me, it’s fun activity. Inside it I got a secret code to get Blingo moshling.

Ok, lets help Buster find over dozens wild moshlings and get a secret code for an ultra rare moshling of your own!

I got a photo where Buster in action, take a picture of Cali #72 moshling on the waterfront:

Buster Bumblechops

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